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Desking and Storage

We offer a wide range of desking and storage, both in style and function.


We understand that desk layouts can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of the working environment. From height adjustable desks tailored to the individual, to bench systems for the large open plan office.


To compliment any desking, we have a wide range of pedestals to match all our furniture ranges.

With storage configurations to suit all workplace requirements, our modular systems can be
adapted to work spaces, meeting rooms, or public display areas.


We are confident you will find a solution here that is best for your workplace.

Our range of Sit-Stand Desks, promote wellbeing in the office. Join the stand-up revolution with a sit-stand desk, designed to get office workers up and moving more. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and mechanisms to fight aches, injuries, cardiovascular disease and other unhealthy effects of prolonged sitting.

Bespoke Furniture  -We are able to develop customised solutions to match each client’s precise requirements. Our Bespoke department can design and manufacture products from original ‘sketches’ or develop existing range items to customised specifications.


A member of the Bespoke team, will work with you to develop a solution to match your requirement and budget. Our most popular bespoke items is study hubs for schools or boardroom tables with cut out for power supply.

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